Anna @ Savasana. Clothing for yoga and fitness

134564_10151070017796765_192241157_oMy name is Anna. I am the head of the company Savasana. Our company is engaged in production and retail-wholesale clothing for yoga and fitness of their own brand of Savasana.

September 2014. We use service Store & Cash, allowing to solve a number of issues connected with the main business processes, such as the reception of the goods at the warehouse, storage, order processing and accounting of sales.

To Store Cash & we've experimented with a number of services on warehouse and none took hold for a variety of reasons. Some proved to be too difficult to use-this led to an increase in the cost of staff time to conduct transactions, and confusion. Others, like the 1s-demanded improvements.

We wanted a service that would optimize the work of the company was simple and convenient in operation, our company meet the needs of the company and was inexpensive.

While we were in search of such a system, accounting was conducted actually «fly-by-night»-we used Google Docs and Exel table. To conduct one transaction had to be manually change in 2, and sometimes 3-x documents, depending on the type of transaction. This, of course, lead to errors and nznačitel′nym differences. The officer was able to amend the document, which were selling and forget to make changes in the document warehouse remnants or vice versa. Sometimes google docs changes were not saved. Keep track of who and what did or did not do was extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, especially if the error was revealed later. Had to often do re warehouse.

In September 2014. We were invited to test the service Store & Cash. It turned out that this service, on the one hand, meets the needs of our company, and on the other hand is not overloaded with unnecessary features. In addition, it is very easy to operate.

That particularly liked:

  • Comfy and cute service interface.

  • The ability to configure different levels of access to the service for the employees of the company.

  • The ability to create multiple warehouses and move goods between them. So we know exactly what product is on stock mostly what product is in courier delivery, what product reserved wholesalers, is on the realizing and t. d.

  • Ability to automatically create shipping documents: bills, invoices, receipts and other documents.

  • The ability to create various useful reports. For example, you can see the turnover of each contractor or all contractors together. You can unload statement balances for each warehouse. Get analysis of demand for each product.

  • You can view the transaction for each warehouse, each contractor and check operation carried out by each employee of the company.

  • For those who just started using the service, there are interactive lessons in exploitation, as well as tips.

  • All the core functions of the service are free of charge!

September 2014. Store & Cash actively developed, different options have been added to make the work with the service as convenient as possible.

Use the service Store & Cash helped make the company much more quickly, with easy-to-use reports appeared able to analyze the company's activities and make more clear and efficient business planning.

We thank the developers Store Cash-for-work & service and prompt technical support!