The API is used to programmatically integrate with various services, online stores, bookkeeping and any other sistmami. API Store & Сash open and free to all developers. The API supports the exchange of nomenclature, remnants, customers and orders. Using the API you can conduct operations. For authentication, you must sginerirovat′ the keys in a user's […]

Store & Сash supports unloading residues in SaaS platform ReCommerce. Recommerce is a service which enables you to create an online store for your business. You don't need special knowledge and training, everything is clear and simple. A link to the platform:

Store & Сash supports seamless integration with SaaS platform for creating online stores InSales. InSales platform you can create online store completely independently and quickly, without the help of programmers and developers. To get started you need to register, registration is free and the first test 14 days you can take full advantage of the […]