Usually, developers of online accounting services try to make them look like ordinary Windows programs. We see the same windows, similar tools and similar functionality implementations. The program functionality and interface are effectively adapted for a web interface, with some“bells and whistles” added. In the final analysis, most online storage, stock and account management services […]

All accounting activities are covered in reports. Reports are a summary of your company's performance. Reports enable you to make managerial decisions and focus on maximizing the profits and success of your company. Reports reveal bottlenecks, outgoings and losses. They help identify the most promising goods and counterparties and drop loss-making ones. Reports are generated as […]

Store&Cash's primary target audience is business people or entities engaged in trading. This can be: Wholesale Retail Commission business Sale of goods “under the order” Sale of goods made in-house Sale of goods on commission Sale of services and works This has no effect on the nature of sales: You sell goods (or services) to […]

If you sell goods, then they are stored somewhere. This can be: A storage facility with storage racks Shelves, hangers or display cabinets at a shop, showroom or saleroom Delivery person or delivery provider that does your deliveries Manager desk for reservation of customer orders Your affiliates that distribute your goods, storing them until they have […]