Basic terms and concept of Retail & Inventory management service We have done our best to make everything as simple as possible. Let's start (and see if we have done what we set out to do). Let us first address the basics. You have goods. The goods are at the storage. You can perform operations involving […]

STOCK BALANCE (or STOCK) – this is the actual balances on current stock. If no goods in stock, this tab will be empty. In order for stock balance to appear at the current storage, goods must be accepted using the operation “RECEIPT” or brought in from another storage that already has goods. How do you […]

TThis tab lists all goods that can be accepted at the storage. You cannot accept or sell goods until you add them to this list. To add goods there, click the button “Add SKU card”. Fill the form and Save it Until you add your goods and services to the “SKU card list”, you cannot […]

In the top block on the right is a list of counterparties or storages (in the context of the operation MOVE). By default, you have one counterparty only, “Unknown supplier”. You can create any number of counterparties. Each counterparty will have his own account. For more details about counterparties, refer to the help section “Counterparties: […]

On top in the central block are the operations available to the user at the current storage. To do something with goods at the current storage, choose the appropriate operation. By default, you have 7 operations available to you. Operation RECEIPT Operation SALE Operation RETURN Operation MOVE Operation ADJUSTMENT Operation STOCKTAKING Operation WRITE-OFF Note that the operation's block […]