Sometimes something may develop a bug. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes glitches appear after an update or “out of the blue”. Store&Cash is not just a website. It is a sophisticated software application, which needs a suitable environment for normal operation. This environment is your browser. If something is amiss with it, […]

All have become accustomed to using cloud services, whether mail to, Dropbox or documents in Google Docs. Virtually no problems when using cloud-based CRM. But when it comes to conducting trade, warehousing, accounting-many customers are beginning to doubt whether you can entrust your company's accounting cloud service, or better the old fashioned way to […]

Poor inventory management is one of the main reasons for small business failures. More than 70% of small businesses do not track commodity balances, or use a hand-held inventory management methods, such as Excel or accounting on paper. In it may be hard to believe, but the control of product residues can be accurate and […]

Excel really satisfies your inventory management needs? Small businesses with a small staff and inventory, really, can successfully use Excel. However, when a business grows, the limitations Excel become very substantial obstacle. Switching to more efficient cloud-based inventory management system eliminates the negative impact of the accounting errors. These common errors affect profits and customer […]

Complaints of frustrated customers due to errors related to the lack of availability of goods and delivery errors have become the norm. You are not alone, because the automated inventory management in small business, usually the exception than the rule. More than 70% of small businesses still use paper and pen for inventory control, or […]

Imagine the situation: your customer calls to make an order in your company. Your customer service reputation depends on not convenient, obsolete software that is slow and not designed for growing businesses, or non-existent. You acknowledge that your order will be ready and sent to a particular date, and only later learn that part of the […]