My name is Anna. I am the head of the company Savasana. Our company is engaged in production and retail-wholesale clothing for yoga and fitness of their own brand of Savasana. September 2014. We use service Store & Cash, allowing to solve a number of issues connected with the main business processes, such as the […]

My name is Nastya. Want to share his impressions of working with warehouse. We have a friend a small women's clothing store. We are not immediately thought about accounting. That is, we, of course, make the data in Google Docs, but thoughts about warehouse programs us frightened. Things have changed since we began to keep […]

I am co-owner of a fashion store 82store from Korea. Use the service Store for Cash accounting & products in our store. Tools like the user-friendly interface and functionality, as well as the ability to do various useful reports. Developers always promptly responded to questions raised. In General, I advise you! 82store-shop designer clothing from […]