Today came the February release Store & Cash! Today in Store Cash money account & separately from goods. This means that you can keep track of sales and parishes in installments, accept prepayment for orders, work with the goods received and under implementation. Sales and transactions coming with or without postal services (exposed when you […]

Once again, happy new year! This is the second release for the week! Treasury yields ... We decided to release this year in the release that the long-cooked but couldn't run. In General, for the year, we have added over a hundred features and made countless fixes. Today we can do for you personalized documents! […]

New year's Eve update! Santa brought us a «services» tab. Now conveniently keep records of services and works. New tab «services», which now can be sold (sell) and taking an order on them (in order). More services to do anything. To add a service, click the «add service» in the tab «Services» on the home […]

In this update: Redesigned the item card. The contents of the item card now decomposed into tabs. Added additional fields (parameters) on the item card. There are predefined field values, but you can add custom fields. Additional fields are printed on some formats of labels. Fields are displayed on the labels in sequence, in the […]

[%DISPLAY_NAME%]Good afternoon! During the week it came out a few small updates. Short, what's in them: Now you can fill pictures via Excel xlsx document appeared {picture}. It should indicate an external link on the picture (link to image in *.jpg in excess).  In Excel there is no clip unloading. Appeared 2 report-consolidated report on […]

Late, but still we have released another update. There a lot of useful information. Basically this is devoted to working with barcode. Now for each product item will automatically generate a barcode EAN13 format. Of course, you can enter the barcode of the product itself, if it already has a barcode. You can enter 12 […]

Today was filled last summer update. Basically changes block contractors. Search for contractors by name and phone number in block contractors In the report «statement of balances» added ability to view balances of counterparty In the form of sale supplier is now displayed (the Contracting Party) in case one product supplied by different suppliers. Added […]

Today is filled with little cumulative update in response to requests from our customers: Credited with a list of documents for print: a simple consignment note waybill with photo, expense cash order, receipt cash order. Added the ability to receive documents in HTML format (useful for predvaritel′′nogo view). In the report «statement of balances» added […]

Announce the most significant upgrades over the last year! In this update we've implemented functionality of working with orders. The orders tab appears and operation take the order " To access the receive operation orders-add access to it in the section "selecting warehouse. Orders are nezavisimyvmi lists items addressed to the buyer. As we recommend […]

A small, but for many, the long awaited update. We redesigned the form field on the item card, and now you can make up to 5 different prices. How it works: in the form of goods make prices when selling goods in the form of sale-can choose what price to substitute 1, 2, 3, 4 […]