Sometimes something may develop a bug. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes glitches appear after an update or “out of the blue”.
Store&Cash is not just a website. It is a sophisticated software application, which needs a suitable environment for normal operation. This environment is your browser. If something is amiss with it, this can cause the application to malfunction. While for ordinary websites this may not be a critical problem, Store&Cash gives your browser “a full workout”. That is why you must keep your browser clean and tidy, updating it to the latest versions without delay. Let us now take a look at the three most common causes of malfunction:

Possible cause 1 (the likeliest):
Some script files are cached by your browser locally and require a forced update.
You need to update your browser's cache.



12/24/2015 8/15/42-08-42-clear history-Google Chrome (2)

For Google Chrome: copy and paste in your browser's address field the link chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Do as the picture below shows:

12/24/2015 15-26-49 preferences-Mozilla Firefox (2)

Or watch a video:

For Windows users: Sometimes it helps to press Ctrl+F5
For Mac users: Sometimes it helps to press Cmd+R
For IOS and Android users: clear your browser history using your browser's menu (browser-specific)

For users of Safari, Opera, Yandex browser and Internet Explorer and others: All browsers have a cache flush function. If you use one of the above or other b[r]owsers, serves you right find this function yourself and delete your cache.

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Cause 2:

Some extensions in your browser can compromise its operation. The most common ones are ad blocking plugins such as AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. There are also others, including malware or Adware (displays advertising).


Disable or remove all extensions likely to affect your browser's performance, including hidden ones. Some extensions, such as ad blockers, can be disabled for only. Note that certain malware extensions can self-enable without your knowledge. Such extensions can come as part of software from or install from other websites.

Cause 3:

Viruses or antiviruses. Both can compromise your browser's performance.


1.Scan your computer for viruses and malware, including SpyWare and AdWare. Delete all applications that are unfamiliar, unknown to you, such as “Internet optimizers” etc.

2. To operate normally, can sometimes require that you disable your firewall or antivirus if it interferes with your browser.