Nastya Akulina @ Meduza Shop

1904188_946436188721309_5837336269210502588_nMy name is Nastya. Want to share his impressions of working with warehouse.
We have a friend a small women's clothing store.

We are not immediately thought about accounting. That is, we, of course, make the data in Google Docs, but thoughts about warehouse programs us frightened.

Things have changed since we began to keep records in Store & Cash.

  • Now we know what specifically stock what thing lies and its quantity.
  • We can also see who among managers has accepted the goods and when sold.
  • Can always answer promptly client product availability.
  • Can show any number of sales.

The main advantage of this service, in our view, the fact that it is simple and easy to use. Any manager would be able to work with him, and therefore do not need to hire special staff to account for the goods.

Now we sell tights through Group vkontakte and Instagramm