About the service

Everything should be done so simple,
as far as this is possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein

ease of learning

Store&Cash is a cloud-based inventory and sales management service.

For whom?

The Store&Cash service has been developed for business people who are reluctant to invest their time and money in learning, debugging, improving and supporting systems such as 1S.

How is Store&Cash better?

98% of time spent on any accounting system is the input of new data. You make a sale, you mark it. A receipt – mark it. A move – mark it. Input of new data sometimes takes up to 70% of work time. You will surely have noticed a manager at a shop who, instead of advising a customer, is groping around with his mouse and peering at his monitor in an attempt to locate something or fill in yet another form. As a result, your automation benefits come bundled with irritated customers and hours of work time lost every day.

In Store&Сash, the data input interface for any operation is designed to make the job as easy and fast to do as possible, with no special skills required. By using Store&Cash, you will be in a position to cut your data entry time down at least 10-fold compared with any other similar system.

Document a sale? 15 seconds!

The time freed up can be put by you and your employees to a better use for your business. For example, call, advise and service your customers.

How does Store&Сash save time?

In Store&Cash, the operation interface is set up separately. Receipt, sale, move, returns and other operations use one and the same interface. That is why data entry is simple, easy and fast.

Unlike the plethora of similar systems, where to document any operation you need to complete a number of steps — access a dedicated section, which is unique to each operation, press a multitude of buttons and check boxes to set up the documents you need (delivery notes, warrants, orders) — in Store&Cash, you do everything in the same screen, with your documents generated automatically based on the operations actually performed.

All you need to do is specify your goods, their origin and destination. All documents will be created.

If you value your time and the time of your employees, use Store&Cash.

You don't believe it? Just give it a try.

Demo version without registration: demo.storencash.ru


Store & Cash comparison

If you do not know why you should keep records (such people exist)

    • Many business people do not know exactly how much they earn and where they lose money.
      They use the service to measure their profits and expenses.
    • They have thieving employees and delivery people at their shops and at the storage.
      The service helps set up tracking of goods and precludes theft by employees.
    • They do not know exactly what and how much goods they have at the storage.
      The service always gives exact figures on the availability of goods and the current stock balance for all storages.
    • They do not know their best-selling goods and what and how much goods they should best keep in stock.
      The service gives  exact analytics based on sales statistics and identifies the best earners
    • They wish to synchronize their storage inventory control with their website, accounts department, CRM or POS
      The service makes this possible thanks to ready-made integration solutions, as well as a flexible API
    • Attempts to keep records in a notebook or an Excel file lead to confusion and gaps in records
      Record keeping using the service makes it possible to track each operation for any time period.
    • Existing business accounting fails to give a real-time picture of the status of business, sales, storages
      The service gives a clear picture of the current status of the business and short-terms forecasts

    If you face these or other accounting challenges, Store&Cash will tackle them in the simplest and most convenient way.


    The whole point of accounting is reporting. Simple, convenient and easy-to-understand reports help make timely and correct managerial decisions. Store&Cash gives special attention to reports. To generate reports, we use specialist software from STIMULSOFT.

    Beautiful and easy-to-understand ledgers and analysis tables will help you stay up to speed on everything that happens in your business. Analysis reports will likewise help estimate your optimal storage stock balance and optimal purchases from suppliers and identify your bestsellers and goods you can safely drop. Ad hoc reports — alerts — will inform you in real time about changes in important indicators.

A bit of history

Store&Cash is modelled on major US and European entry-level WMS (Storage Management System) systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Such systems have been for dozens of years now delivering for western business people not only record keeping but also many-fold savings and increasingly higher profits with a minimum of time and effort.

To date, Store&Cash is the only such system in Russian.
The system is localized for record keeping in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and other countries of the former Soviet Union, including the Baltic countries.

If you own or manage a mercantile business with sales of $2,000 per month or more, value your time and money, and want to see your business and its profits grow, opt for the Store&Cash management system.

As a program, Store&Cash has a long history. Technologically, it is based on an extensive and sophisticated system of commercial and industrial storage accounting, whose development dates all the way back to 1986. Back then, computers took up entire floors. The system evolved in sync with technical progress. At present it is used by a number of major consumer goods manufacturers and merchants. Such legacy ensures full compliance with all accounting and analysis standards and rules.

2013 saw the start of development of the system's online version under the brand name of Store&Cash.

The development team includes both older, seasoned programmers, who laid the groundwork for the system in 1986 and whom the system is the life's work, and young and forward-thinking developers of leading-edge interfaces, who have succeeded in completely rethinking accounting, having created a simple and user-friendly service that meets the needs of professionals, while being amazingly simple and easy to master by first-time entrepreneurs.

Log in to Store&Cash and start keeping records right here, right now. Our experts will help you free of charge to customize the service for your business, as well as providing free training for you and your employees.

Store&Cash: a SIMPLE, FREE and USEFUL tool for your business!