Block «Operations»

On top in the central block are the operations available to the user at the current storage. To do something with goods at the current storage, choose the appropriate operation. By default, you have 7 operations available to you.

  1. Operation RECEIPT
  2. Operation SALE
  3. Operation RETURN
  4. Operation MOVE
  5. Operation ADJUSTMENT
  6. Operation STOCKTAKING
  7. Operation WRITE-OFF

Note that the operation's block is shaped as an arrow. The arrow shows the direction of the operation involving the goods: From the storage (block on the left) to a counterparty/storage (block on the right), for example in the context of the operation SALE or MOVE, or the other way round, from a counterparty to the storage, for example in the context of the operation RECEIPT or RETURN. The operation ADJUSTMENT has no arrow because there is no movement of goods.

You can create your own operations.

For more details about operations, refer to the help section «operation».

Now, let's take a look at the last large block at the top on the right Block “Counterparties”. In this block we can choose counterparties or a destination storage (for a movement operation).
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