Do you keep your records in EXCEL or in a notebook?
Do you have to do your accounts two or three times over — for purchases, sales and stock balance? Does it take you long to roll up your stock balance and measure your profits?

Let Store&Cash do your accounts!

Summary of capabilities:

  • Online access 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Detailed reports and analytics, sales and profits assessment, purchase prediction
  • Work with customer orders and debts calculation on orders
  • Stock and storage record-keeping at any number of storages and retail outlets
  • Control of corporate services and expenditures
  • Up to 5 prices for goods. Discounts, price lists, stock balance list
  • Any storage and stock operations: receipt, sale, write-off, adjustment, return, stocktaking etc.
  • Work with orders: processing, statuses, payment, reservation of goods
  • Work with Customer base (counterparties: suppliers, buyers)
  • Printout of documents for each operation and counterparty — delivery notes, bills, certificates, receipts, warrants
  • Printout of labels and barcode labels on paper and on tape
  • Reports and analytics, sales statistics
  • Barcode management: readers, barcode printers
  • SKU cards import to and export from Excel, YML.
  • Integration with accounts department
  • Integration with different CMSs of E-merchants.
    And much more for a mere 500 Russian roubles per month!

Register free of charge to take the system for a test drive and check out its functionality. Test period 14 days.

1. Inventory control

If you sell goods, then you need to know where, what and how many they are.


2. Wholesale and retail

You sell goods to buyers and receive money in return


3. Reports and analytics

Reports are a summary of your company's performance and a basis for making decisions. How much do you make?


4. Data exchange and API

Automation saves you time and therefore money.


5. Differences from other services

Learn about the differences between Store&Cash other storage management services