The Orders Tab

The whole left panel under the block «your Warehouses» refers to your current location.

Bookmark «Orders» is the collected orders that are on your current stock. Orders are groups of products from current inventory balances.


So far you have not collected any order-in this tab will be empty.

Orders can be collected only by using the MOVE operation. At the same time, orders are collected when they move from one warehouse to another. You can't collect orders for current stock.

How to assemble an order? Very easy!

  1. Select current warehouse (upper left block), on which there are items that you want to collect in order
  2. Select an operation to MOVE (Central upper unit)
  3. Select the warehouse that you want to collect your order. The warehouse must be different from the current one.
  4. Choose sequentially from the remnants of the current warehouse goods, specifying their number. When the order is formed in the right section-specify the order number, and then click «Move».


The order will be formed at the warehouse where you drop the item (the warehouse is selected in the upper right block).

Please note that goods are available in this stock.

If you want to add products to the order, including other warehouses-make moving to the warehouse containing the correct order, with an indication of its rooms.

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